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Mar 19, 2013 4:00am PDT
rolling in now. roll in now. wax boxes, brown like you described. ( yelling ) get on the ground! get on the ground now! any guns in the car? i don't know yet. put your hands behind your back. what's wrong? got any guns? suspect: no, man. pick up the whole block of the fish, like this. there you go. false bottom. throw-down fish. marijuana. grunts--you can catch those out in the bay. ( crowd talking ) really hard-packed. silber: listen this is what we got-- we got a black male subject, uh...jamaican. we got him with probably 80 to 100 pounds of pot. we're going to load him, and charge him with possession of the marijuana stuff. is it possible for somebody to put a detainer on him since he is illegal? now, if you want to help yourself you start telling me the truth. you admit to me that you knew what was going on. you tell me how i can get to the main guy. i didn't tell you i knew what's going on. you're not gonna talk to me? no, i did not say i knew what's going on. you better tell me what's going on. i'm trying to. you're not doing a good job. you wanna get deported? that's what y
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1